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ALSA apparecchi medicali s.r.l. was founded in 1932 and has always worked in the field of medical equipment.

Born as a manufacturer of small units for diagnostic, ALSA has developed little by little its production since the 1960's introducing firstly units for the suction and the physiotherapy then electrosurgical devices.

ALSA is present, through its exclusive distributors and authorized dealers, in more than 90 countries worldwide.



The equipments of the series EXCELL MCDSe are electrosurgical units for major surgery, suitable for all operations where the monopolar and the bipolar techniques are used, as well as the monopolar mode with the Argon gas flow. The units are available in 5 different models.

The models EXCELL 400 MCDSe, EXCELL 350 MCDSe, EXCELL 250 MCDSe, and EXCELL 200 MCDSe are indicated for electrosurgery. By the contrary, the model EXCELL 400/A MCDSe is suitable both for electrosurgery and electrosurgery with Argon gas. It is equipped with all the necessary functions for this type of application, and so it is easier to use.


It is the most complete model of the series for the operating theatre; it is equipped with two independent suction-groups: the main one and the anaesthesia one. Its technical characteristics are as follows: - Class IEC/CEI 60601-1: I BF. - EC Certificate (93/42+2007/47): CE0051 - nr. 187/MDD. - Usage for unlimited time / Noise: less than 50 db. - Power supply / Absorption: 230V - one phase, 50Hz / 450VA -Piston main suction-group, maintenance free (max vacuum 700 mmHg "0,9 atm, 0,90 bar", flow rate 70 lt./min, engine: from 1/2 of HP). -Piston anaesthesia suction-group, maintenance free (max vacuum 700 mmHg "0,9 atm, 0,96 bar", flow rate 30 lt./min, engine: from 1/5 of HP). - Painted metal case, with antistatic wheels, two with castors. - Two bottles of 4 lt. for the main suction group, with quick system for the aspiration changing between bottles; one bottle of 1 lt. for the anaesthesia group. All the bottles are made of unbreakable and autoclavable polycarbonate, with internal overflow devices. Silicone autoclavable tubing. - Two vacuum regulators (one for each suction-group) and vacuum check devices (0-76 cm/Hg). - Main switch and pedal switch (pneumatic, very safe, water-proof, anti-explosion). - Dimensions (width/depth/height), weight: cm 38x35x28 Kg 30. It can be equipped with antibacterial filterand it can be equipped with many components.