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Fagor Industrial

Fagor Industrial, a corporative integrated in Mondragon, is a leading manufacturer of equipment for the hotel, restaurant and laundry sectors, present in the world's best kitchens and facilities.

60 years of experience and out of familiarity with the professional hotelier's needs and day-to-day work, Fagor Industrial offers a complete range of products under a single brand.

Fagor Industrial forms part of the international ONNERA Group of companies, with 8 factories distributed around the world, employing more than 2,000 workers.



We at Fagor Industrial have the ideal answer to each one of your needs. And we know how to adapt to the new demands that arise in the market.

This is how Compact was created, a new range of professional laundry products specifically designed for small installations (hairdressers, gyms, camping sites...) that demand identical performance and robustness of industrial laundry machines, but with greater versatility, a more compact size and a more affordable price.


This new generation of washers combine the latest technology with the best quality in components and materials. They are equipped with the most advanced technology in water and energy saving systems, as well as the WET CLEANING feature. Its user-friendly and intuitive programming makes them suitable for all types of laundries, dry-cleaners, self-service and commercial or industrial laundries, hospitals and care homes.

Water Recovery System

With its water recovery system, Fagor Industrial demonstrates once again the positive effect that technological innovations have on saving and sustainability. The latest generation water reclaimers offer up to 70% savings on water, but that is not all. They also mean big savings on chemical products thanks to reuse of the reclaimed water, as well as considerable energy savings thanks to hot water reuse from previous phases of the wash cycle.


The new FAGOR INDUSTRIAL dryers arrive in the market as a real revolution on the drying process. The new developments in our machines allow a much higher efficiency than our previous models and make them the most technologically advanced dryers in the market.

Ironing and folding

New flatwork ironers, models with lengthfold, crossfold and stacker and the choice of rear or front delivery, offer great flexibility to adapt to all type of needs and uses.

Fagor ironers are conceived to offer the best performance and productivity with noticeable energetic efficiency and time-saving. Their easy operation makes the maintenance costs almost nonexistent.

The ironing quality from Fagor machines is well known by the users and considered one of the strong points.


We have a wide range of appliances for ironing clothing (trousers, shirts, gowns...). From the most simple finishing tables for small quantities to pneumatic presses that offer high quality ironing for medium-sized production and spotting tables. We also have mannequins for use with different garment types. And steam cabins for large production, highly suited for hospital linen and uniforms.


We have a wide range of accessories for the different laundry processes. This includes all types of trolley, including moveable bottom trolleys, wet linen trolleys, transport trolleys and clothes hanger trolleys.


We offer a full range of machinery, accessories and advice for one of the fastest growing areas in the industrial laundry sector. A set of solutions that guarantee the smooth operation of any self-service installation with their own maintenance and payment management systems.