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gbo has grown mostly as an OEM partner for SIEMENS and has developed and produced the major part of the SIEMENS Physical Therapy program. From this we derived not only a solid know-how in medical engineering but also our understanding of quality./p>



All major technological advances have been realized in the new Ultratherm short-wave therpay unit: the new semi-conductor demounting stage allows a sovereign power delivery up to a new peak of 1100 watts of pulse power. The 12" capacitive-touch display gives the user the same feeling as a modern tablet. Our one-touch philosophy has been rigorously enhanced with plenty of easy-to-program individual memory settings, which are then recalled with a touch out of a favorite list.


  • 1100 Watt - Strongest shortwave in the market
  • Robust semiconductor amplifier (no tube!)
  • Operated via 12" capacitive touch - like a tablet
  • Programmable favorites = Individual One Touch Operation
  • Modern "Clean Design"